• All pages on the front end of the website should work properly. No bugs or errors are found during page load.
  • Perform a website backup twice(2) a week. Store it on your External HDD
  • Check if there is a latest version of the CMS(Wordpress, Joomla). Update CMS and plugins.
  • Check if the website forms are working properly.
  • Check webserver emails if theirs errors.
  • Check email logs on each website if your website is sending spam emails.
  • Check and remove unwanted registered users, comments and form submissions.
  • Check if there are broken links
  • 404 error page should work properly or if its redirecting.


  • Check website load page speed.
  • Run and check security scans and if there's an issue occur fix it.
  • Server or Website Backup


  • Contact client or Check if there's should be any improvement to be done in the website. If there's needed to improve discuss it to the team and to client.
  • Graphics (ex: photos)
  • Check each website content. Some websites are always updating their page content. Check the typo, error links and etc.
  • Check forms if still working or the email is still used by the client.


  • Some developers or programmer don't used php coding on year display. Some used manually codes. Update the copyright date mostly found in the footer area of the website.
  • Review each website page.
  • Backup servers or website
  • Discuss with the team if the website design and other features should be needed to update.